Through bespoke cooperations, which we develop together, you can outsource many logistic tasks to us, completely. Apart from that, we can support you whether you want to transfer parts of the supply chain to us or whether you want to build on our expertise in transport, handling of cargo or warehousing. Our core competencies include track and trace, order fulfillment, quality assessment or picking and packing. As a modern, medium-sized logistics company with decade-long experience, we can quickly, reliably and flexibly meet your needs.

We support our customers in the whole of Europe efficiently and reliably with the procurement of their goods. Of course, we precisely adapt to their needs and requirements. Through punctual timing, the integration of your workflows in our methods and flexible adaptations, we can best support you in all situations. Through the outsourcing of your procurement logistics to us, you can lower the workload of your employees, make the costs more predictable and reach greater flexibility at the same time.

With our well-trained employees, we efficiently manage 11.000 square meters warehousing space and can store your goods short-term as well as long-term. Both the storage of your goods and the whole handling of items take place in our roofed warehouses, which have 24/7 state-of-the-art security systems. We can store palletable goods in our 14.000 pallet bays. Other piece goods or items with special dimensions are managed in specialized areas. Of course, we exactly adapt to your needs, so that your goods can be stored in the most optimal conditions and distributed quickly, once needed.

We compile your piece goods specifically according to your order. Here, these picked goods can be quality-tested if needed. Following, the goods can be packaged or re-packaged, before we prepare them for shipment. If you wish, we deliver the goods afterwards.

Nationally and internationally, you can assign strategic, operative and tactical distribution tasks to us and rely on our professionalism and expertise. You can easily transfer topics like the development of a distribution network, for example, or the IT-integration of the logistics suppliers to us and focus on your core business. We take care of all arising control tasks and ensure a quick and reliable delivery of the goods to your customers.

We can support you in the distribution of goods in a fully integrated logistical supply chain and help you with many tasks. Besides the distribution or storage, we can supply value added services, where needed. After the goods arrive in the warehouse, we can test the goods regarding their quality, label package or repackage them, for example. Through our state-of-the-art IT infrastructure, a direct client-oriented customer integration in the form of an interface is possible. This enables us to directly load customer orders into our EDP-system. The new web module provides another advantage for our customers: It enables a simple order entry as well as uninterrupted shipment tracking from sender to end client.